Save Me a Seat

Story Sent in by Helen:

I worked at a nonprofit and Marcus was on the board of directors. He wasn't much older than I was, and he wasn't afraid to work alongside the rest of us at events and fundraisers and such. He was always nice to me, so when he asked me out on a date, I said yes.

Dinner was fun, but then he took us to a sex toy shop. "Pick something you want," he told me, "Anything at all. Sky's the limit."

I was very uncomfortable and told him that I didn't want anything. He insisted, so I picked out the most expensive thing I could find, hoping he wouldn't actually buy it. It was an electric massage chair for two.

He actually bought it. They just had the demo model on the floor, so they'd have to have it shipped. He gave them his own address. "To spare you any embarrassment," he told me. Too late, schmuck.

As it turned out, he used funds from the foundation to finance the dinner and the massage chair. I didn't find that out myself, but someone did. He was thrown off the board and was forced to return the money.

The funny part is that he kept trying to contact me afterward to "come over and try out the massage seat." Needless to say, I didn't.


Mother? Husband? Neither? Here's a neat article from 2005. Still topical.


  1. I like your style OP. Go big or go home. Although I would have picked something to use on him, preferably something very painful. No Iron Maidens in stock then? Probably a special order item.

  2. @Archie - it was certainly a bolder move than just asking for a porn flick.

    But OP, if you wanted to really blow his...budget, I hear the latest high end sex toy is a MRI machine.


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