Missing a Few Keys

Story Sent in by Henry:

I wrote to Shelly on a dating site and we hit it off. After just over a week, we met in person. I had planned to take her out to dinner, but she had a different idea:

"Will you come with me to Best Buy?" she asked, "I need a new keyboard."

I said, "Did you want to do that before dinner or after?"

"We can do it now."

I accompanied her to Best Buy. She found a keyboard and bought it. As we left I said, "There's a good Chinese place a few blocks away. Up for it?"

She thought for a few moments and said, "Hmm... I actually think I'm good."

I said, "Then what do you want to do?"

She replied, "Honestly? I've done everything that I wanted to, tonight."

"Buy a keyboard? I thought we were doing dinner. Hence me being here."

She laughed and said, "I just wanted moral support."

"For buying a keyboard?"

She nodded. "Yep! Thank you!"

She jumped into her car and sped away as fast as I would if I was flooring it away from a tsunami. I went home.

I didn't write her after that, but she wrote me nearly six weeks later to apologize for being out of touch. She let me know that her new keyboard was working great and thanked me again for accompanying her on her trip.


  1. I've heard about female musicians that run off in the middle of a date. What's that all about anyway?

    Awe yeah, throwback Thursday!

  2. I'd be totally with Jason except the part where she messaged him again to apologize for being out of touch. That puts her squarely into "whackjob" territory.

  3. Did you guys discuss plans before meeting up? Maybe that's what she likes to do on her dates. Cost effective for you, if you ask me.


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