But I Definitely Do Weird

Story Sent in by Sharon:

I was on a pretty good first date with Daniel. We spoke, we laughed, we ate ice cream.

When we arrived at the topic of our pasts, he asked me, "Did you ever know anyone who died?"

We were both in our early thirties. What a strange question with an (I thought) obvious answer. I said, "Of course. You don't?"

He gave the heaviest of heavy sighs, hurried to finish his ice cream, then stood and said, "I'm sorry. I don't do sad."

Then he left. Poor guy.


  1. I wish like hell that this is what your date looked like when he said that last line.

  2. Nice. I wish he looked like this while eating his ice cream.

  3. Short date but I still think OP made an impact, after all Daniel did eventually change his mind on death.

  4. ^ I think the cover price of that book is WAY too much by the way.


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