Mane Event

Story Sent in by Sharon:

When I first met Edward for our date, I noticed his hair was a mess. As in it didn't look like he had run a comb through it since waking up. He was otherwise well-dressed, but his spiky, cowlick-ridden, all-over-the-place brown hair just drew attention to itself. It looked like a lion had had an accident with a hair dryer.

At dinner, as if he knew that, he ran his hand through it several times and made pathetic attempts to flatten sticking-up areas. It didn't do any good. I didn't mention anything about it although it was hard to concentrate on anything else. He also itched his head like crazy. It was less than alluring.

After dinner, he asked me to follow him to a convenience store. While there, he grabbed a pair of scissors from where they were being sold on a shelf. He removed them from their package then snipped away at his hair, letting it fall all about himself and onto the floor. Once he was done, his hair didn't look much better, and there were hairs all over his shoulders and face and mouth.

He then replaced the scissors on the shelf. He hadn't even paid for them. We left the store together and he asked me what I wanted to do. I told him I wanted to go home, and that's exactly what I did.


  1. That was awfully extreme. Why couldn't he just use a comb and brush his hair?

  2. His itched his head? Is that a uk expression?

  3. It's something that winds up the pedantic side of me. I have no idea why some people can't tell the difference between itching (the thing that irritates them) and scratching (the thing they do to alleviate it). This.may be one of many reasons why I have no friends.

  4. "Itched":

    No, just someone who can't spell "scratched" properly.

  5. My husband shaved his head because "it was itchy" once but he wasn't on a first date....or sober....or in public. And he clean it all up when he was done using his very own clippers. It was shocking going to school with him having nearly two feet of hair and coming home to a Q ball!


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