Who Says Romance Is Dead?

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Story Sent in by Steven:

Janine prided herself on her openness and honesty. So much so that during our date she told me, "Will you have a problem if I have another guy on the side?"

It was our first date and I was alarmed that she was bringing such a thing up, much less admitting it. "Like you're dating someone else right now?"

She said, "No. Even if you and I go steady, I'm not gonna stop seeing this guy. We've been together for 10 years and I'm probably gonna end up marrying him."

"Oh. So why are we out, together?"

She said, "Because I want to meet people, date people, you know."

"But if you already have a guy..."

"But I don't!" she groaned, "You don't understand. He's my friend. We fool around, we hang out a lot, we grew up together. But it doesn't mean anything. But he and I agreed that if we don't find anyone else, we'll marry each other. I'm open to maybe meeting someone else, but I have to maintain my relationship with him in the meantime, just in case nothing works out with anyone else. Make sense?"

I said, "Not even a little bit."

She asked, "Why are guys so dense? Look: I'm dating you. I'm dating him. I won't stop seeing him no matter how things go between you and I. He and I are just real close and I like things the way they are. Aren't guys supposed to like honesty? You should be thanking me for telling you this. Most girls do it, anyway."

"Most girls have a 'guy-they're-going-to-marry' if things don't work out?"


I mused, "Does he have another girl on the side, in case things don't work out with you?"

She said, "It doesn't work that way."

"Why not?"

"Because it doesn't. He doesn't. There's only me."

"And he's okay with you seeing other guys?"

"It was his idea. If it were up to me, I'd be married to him, by now."

"I see."

I kept it cordial for the rest of the date, and pretended that I understood her logic completely even though I didn't. I didn't see her again, though.


(Speaking of, here's a neat article.)


  1. I like how she thinks she's the only girl her "future husband" is seeing. That's kind of cute in a simple sort of way.

  2. "So then I have her a free dinner."

  3. "It was his idea. If it were up to me, I'd be married to him, by now."
    I'm getting a feeling that he doesn't want to marry her...


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