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Story Sent in by Bruce:

For some reason, Marcia didn't wear a bra on our date to a local community fair. The outlines of her nipples were quite visible, poking through her shiny blouse like two fingertips. While they might've captured my attention for a short while, I was polite enough to keep my eyes off of them for the rest of our time, together.

But then she kept adjusting herself. I saw it out of the corner of my eye at first, and I wasn't sure if I had seen it. As we walked, she grabbed one of her boobs and just kind of bounced it around a bit, then let it flop back down. Then she did the same to the other one. Then she used both hands on that first one again. I pretended to not notice, although it was impossible not to. Still, she was matter-of-fact about it all.

Finally, she excused herself to use a bathroom, and I waited for her. When she came back, she said that her shirt was giving her some sort of allergic reaction.

"It's my first time wearing this blouse," she said, "and it sucks. And I chose today of all days to not wear a bra."

Now that it was out in the open, I was able to ask, "Why?"

She said, "Uh... I'm on a date? We suffer for our men."

This was the first I had heard of such a practice. I said, "I think I would've been okay if you wore a bra."

"No, you wouldn't," she said, "You would've said something. 'I can't see your boobs,' or something like that."

I couldn't think of a set of circumstances that would cause me to say that on a date. I said, "I think you should give me more credit."

"Whatever," she said, "This blouse sucks and it's driving me crazy. Can we call it a day?"

We did. Only date.


  1. What kind of guys has this woman dated that would have a problem with her wearing a bra on a date?

  2. I've always worn a bra on my dates and no one has complained. I guess I'm doing something wrong if these guys aren't demanding to see my breasts!

  3. What kind of guy is this that would complain about this girl NOT wearing a bra? Put her on the Tilt-A-Whirl and watch those babies go!

  4. Poor Marcia. Am I going to be the first person to call a bad case of teh gehz?

    Archie's clearly been on this date before and knows what's up. @outstretchedwings, I think we've found the guy.

    (Yes, this date is just an excuse for me to post endless gifs of boobies. #sorryI'mnotsorry.)

  5. ^ Well, that made my afternoon :-)

  6. OK, next bad date story we read where the guy comments openly about a girl's breasts... needs to have the "rebuttal" tag.


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