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Story Sent in by Trent:

My first date lunch with Gloria was on the back deck of a restaurant that overlooked a small meadow and the woods. Once our lunch was about over, the waitress dropped the check at our table. I reached for it, planning to pay for both of our meals.

Gloria had a different plan. She grabbed it first and threw it over the edge of the deck, into the woods. She then said to me, "Now it's free!" and held up her hand as if to slap me five.

I didn't slap her hand and instead said, "I think we still have to pay for lunch."

She stood up and said, "You still have to pay for lunch," and then she jetted right out of there without another word.

Soon after, I requested a duplicate check from the waitress, paid it, and have never seen Gloria since.

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  1. Wonder if she's tried this same move when pulled over and given a ticket? Probably.


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