Diddler on the Roof

Story Sent in by Beth:

Arthur was an acquaintance I had met in college in a study group. Over the course of a year, we hooked up twice. He was nice, but I wasn't into him beyond the physical.

One night, I was on Instant Messenger and he sent me an IM. A normal conversation turned into plans for another hook-up. "But this time," Arthur said, "let's try something different. Meet me at my house."

He lived in an off-campus mansion with a bunch of other guys. When I arrived at his place, he led me up to the roof and said, "Let's do it up here."

It was warm out, and he had already set out blankets and pillows. It was different, so I thought, "Why not?" but I also wondered if any of his housemates would come upstairs for a roof visit while we were up there.

"Don't worry," he assured me, "It locks from this side."

Clothes were pulled off and the fun began. After a few minutes, he slid off me and stood up (naked), gathered our clothes, carried them to the roof door, then entered the house and locked the door behind himself. From the other side.

Next thing I knew, he yelled, "Guys! The girl I'm dating is naked on the roof! Five bucks!"

All I had was a couple of blankets and my terror. Well, and my rage. A thousand ideas flashed through my head. Could I survive if I jumped off the roof to escape? Should I wrap myself in a cocoon with the blankets and pray that anyone who came upstairs would decide it wasn't worth the effort to try and unbundle me?

But then I realized that the scaredy cat paths were lame. I wrapped myself in one of the blankets like a toga, marched to the roof door, and pounded on it. I yelled, "If you don't let me in, Arthur, I'm screaming 'rape' from the roof."

It took less than five seconds for the door to open. Arthur, now in his pants, said, "Why would you do that? Are you crazy?"

I said, "Give me back my clothes or I'll rip your head off. Now! Now!"

He gathered my clothes from the pile nearby and tossed them at me. "Get out," he said.

"I'm going to dress first. And not while you're watching me."

He lumbered downstairs. I threw on my clothes as fast as I could and I left. Sure, a few of the guys stared at me as I made my way downstairs to the front door, but you know something? My head was held high.


  1. Who didn't see this one coming? Show of hands!

  2. You sure sound like a lot of fun...
    He is way better off without you!

  3. "Over the course of a year, we hooked up twice."
    On a bed of trash.
    While his twin watched.

    I wish you had kicked him in the nuts on your way out OP. A guy shouldn't wish that on another guy, but I wish you had kicked him so hard in the nuts that he could taste his own pubic hair.

  4. "...although my pants were on backwards."

  5. Hellz ya, OP, you're my kinda woman. Surely some appropriate horror will befall him and his house of doods.

  6. Right...she should totally have let him pull that stupid prank or whatever it was supposed to be because...why? OP did great.

  7. Some guys just need to be slapped in the face. With a 2x4.

  8. ^ With rusty nails in the end of it.

  9. I briefly dated this guy. I was taking a bath at his place while he went down to visit a neighbor. After we broke up, I started dating his neighbor and found out he had told his neighbor I was taking a bath at his place and wanted to know if the neighbor wanted to come over and see. Thankfully, his neighbor knew better.


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