Learning Inexperience

Story Sent in by Barbara:

We met online, but Jeffrey gave me a funny look when we met in person, on a street corner, for the first time. I asked him if everything was okay and he said, "You look... different from your profile pictures."

My least recent profile picture was three months old. I was a stickler for having updated photos, so it was a sort of horrifying thing for him to say. I asked him, "How do I look different?"

He said, "Um... in your pictures you were tall and blonde."

I'm five-foot-one and I have always had short dark hair. I couldn't be tall and blonde if I tried. I said, "Are you sure that wasn't someone else's profile?"

He pulled out his phone and presumably looked up this mystery tall blonde's profile. His eyes popped wide and he said, "Oh no..." and he looked up at me and back down at his phone and then up at me again. "You're not tall and blonde. I have to go!" Then, he flew off.

I had dressed up and readied for an evening out for nothing. But I guess if I learned anything, it's that Jeffrey was a real idiot.

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  1. On this site, not dating an idiot is like winning a Nobel Prize.


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