Among the Romantics

Story Sent in by Charlie:

I met Anita on a dating website. After some emails, we wound up on a date together and visited a museum. While we browsed, she told me, "I almost didn't write back to you in the first place because you have the same name as my ex."

I suggested, "Maybe I can be the better Charlie."

She was quiet for a few moments after I said that, as if she was really weighing the idea and judging its merits.

Then she said, "Or the worse. It's just too great a risk. I'm sorry." She extended her hand to me and said, "Have a nice life."

I said, "O... kay..." and shook her hand. She turned and left me standing there among the early 19th-century Romantics.


  1. Honestly? I get where she's coming from. It's not fair to people who have the same name, I know, but it can be difficult to dissociate names from the people we know best who have them. I'd have trouble dating someone with the same name as my ex-husband, for instance. Not because he was terrible (we're still friends), but because we were together for SO long that I'm not sure I could transfer the name--so to speak--to another person in my mind. My ex would always be there.

  2. A friend of mine actually married someone with the same name as her ex husband. When they first started dating he was Fresno (name) but now that it's been long enough and they're married so he's just his regular name.


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