Story Sent in by Nicole:

On our date at a restaurant, Jesse told me that he had been through a dark time and was just emerging from it. "Thanks to Buddha," he said.

"Oh?" I asked, "You turned to Buddhism?"

He said, "No. Still into God, sort of. I just repeat 'Buddha' over and over until the darkness passes."

I asked, "How often is there... darkness?"

He said, "All the time. I repeat it to myself whenever I'm not speaking. But it keeps darkness at bay."

"So you're repeating it now?"

He nodded.

We both had waters and I drank some of mine. He looked at me enviously. "I'm thirsty," he said.

I pointed at his water. He replied, "I can't. Water reminds me of the darkness."

"Then what can you drink without being reminded of it?"

"Not much. Mostly booze. Kills germs, kills memories. Nature's cure-all."

Any longer on that date and I would've been the one chanting, "Buddha," over and over again. He didn't end up ordering any alcohol (thank God). At least twice, I caught his lips murmuring "Buddha," repeatedly.

Once the date was over, I thanked him for a nice evening and then went home. He asked me out again (via email) but I simply couldn't do it again.


  1. Wonder how he came up with his idea that Buddha would keep away the darkness?

  2. ^ Little Buddha in the outlet by the light switch, who watches over you. Put a little Buddha in your soul...


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