Past Tense

Story Sent in by Joann:

I was a recent divorcée when I waded back into dating waters. Victor was one of those friends of friends of friends who you sometimes meet in your outer social circles. He was also divorced and we started speaking platonically over email. Platonic turned into romantic and eventually we met for coffee in person.

He had never met my ex-husband and so conversation drifted to the topic. A few cursory questions were okay, but Victor's were a bit more... probing. He asked to see a photo of my ex, which I didn't have on me (why would I?). He asked me about the things we did together, how we met, how often we did it...

Wait, what? Did I hear him right? I told Victor, "That doesn't really matter, now. It's in the past."

Victor said, "And the past doesn't matter?"

I replied, "That aspect of the past doesn't. Whether it was once a month or six times a week, I'm still sitting here with you."

Victor asked, "Six times a week? Whoa. That's amazing. What positions?"

We were in public! There were people at neighboring tables! I said, "Okay, change of topics..."

"What's the problem?" he asked, "Did you ever include anyone else? How many others? Men? Women?"

I stood up and said, "I'm going to go," and I left.

The next day, I received an email from Victor. It said that he had a nice time with me and that he was sorry to hear about my sister and sent her his best wishes.

I don't have a sister. And I didn't respond to his bonkers email.

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