Rocket Power

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Story Sent in by Melinda:

I have a passing interest in cars, and I mention that on my profile. Todd was a total grease monkey who messaged me to say that he had just finished a tricked-out Mustang with a screaming engine. He invited me out for dinner and a ride. I couldn't refuse.

I knew he had arrived at my place because he slammed on his horn and revved the engine. I live in a quiet neighborhood, and this was probably the most noise the area had experienced since the dinosaurs died out. I ran out as quickly as I could so he'd stop. When I tried to open the passenger door, it wouldn't open. He had it locked, and he smiled at me as he kept honking and revving.

Finally, I pounded on the window and screamed for him to stop. He stopped honking and unlocked the door. He kept revving the engine. I slipped in and told him, "Families are having dinner, now. You can be a bit quieter."

"You think that's loud?" he asked with a grin, "How about THIS?"

He did something, I'm not sure what, and the engine roared. The car jerked us down the street at breakneck speed.

"It's a rocket engine!" he shouted over the din, "It's an FE-[something]-[something]-[something I can't remember]!"

He was reaching a T intersection with a stop sign but he showed no signs of stopping. I yelled, "Stop! Stop! Oh my God!"

He blasted past the stop sign, slammed the brakes, and the car coasted off the road, down a slight embankment, just missing a tree. My heart beat so fast I thought I'd pass out. In fact, nausea overcame me and I opened the door, stepped out of the car, and retched.

Todd took that opportunity to back his car up from the slope, reverse onto the road, and he blasted away, never to be seen again.


  1. And thus OP retreated into the woods, eternally forgoing the tarred caresses of mechanics for something more primal.

  2. That book about your folks?

  3. It's the first installment of a trilogy in which a humble blogger goes on a fateful camping trip that indelibly changes his gait.

  4. Fizziks, I was laughing at "retreated into the woods", and couldn't wait to see your link, and well.....let's just say that I already know that I'll spend the day trying to UNREAD what I've read about furry balls and all ~ arrrgh ! LOL --- oh and LOL@"changes his gait" !!! You are incredible (shakes head)...


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