I Want to Ride it Where I Like

Story Sent in by Rosie:

I'm an avid bicyclist and that's how I met Patrick. We became friends and after a particularly fun ride together on our respective bikes, he kissed me. I was taken by surprise but it wasn't unwelcome.

Our first date proper was, naturally, a bike ride down a nearby nature trail. It started off wonderfully and we even had a nice picnic lunch.

After lunch, we rode down a certain steep hill and Patrick must have hit the brakes too hard and he pitched right over his handlebars and hit the ground! It was hilarious!

He stood up, brushed himself off, gave me an awful look, and said, "I'll be coming for you next! Saturday! Saturday!" Then he took off on his bike, clearly fast enough such that he didn't want to be followed.

Aside from the fact that it already was Saturday, I had no idea what he meant. I finished the ride at my own pace and never saw him again.


  1. You laughed at him? What a bitch move. The guy could have hurt himself. Yeah, the 'Saturday!' thing was odd but I think he was the lucky one in the 'never saw him again' department.

  2. Yeah, I'm with you there. I don't think someone going over their handlebars on a steep hill is "hilarious" and OP, if that means you laughed at him rather than checking he was ok then I'm sorry but you were the bad date here.

  3. Agree with the other commenters here! You sound like a pretty nasty person OP. Weren't you worried at all that your date was injured? Or did you just not care?

  4. She's bi-cyclic and easily derailleured.

  5. IF she did laugh, she was the bad date. Never funny that someone may be injured or embarrassed. Although, he did in an off-handed way threaten her for being insensitive. They could have been made for each other.

  6. Even if she didn't laugh out loud, someone who thinks ghats "hilarious" is still the bad date.

  7. OP! You shouldn't laugh! You should at least try to commiserate! Or just end it already!

  8. Patrick: Oh my god! Honey, I just cut my leg off with a chainsaw! Call an ambulance!

    Rosie: AAAAAAhahahahaha.....AHAHAHAHAHAHA! You're hilarious baby!

  9. Yup. I agree with the consensus: OP was the bad date, here.


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