All by My Selfie

Story Sent in by Charlie:

At dinner, Elsa whipped out her smartphone and remained glued to it. Oh, I asked her questions and she responded but she barely looked up at me once. I asked her twice to put her phone down and both times she replied, "When I'm done." Yeah, right.

When our food arrived, she snapped a photo of it from almost every angle imaginable, ate a couple of bites, and then went back to tapping away on her phone. I couldn't really take the rudeness anymore, so I took a silly selfie with my own phone and messaged it to her.

She kept frowning at her phone and didn't react. I took another, then sent it again, then repeated the process over half a dozen times.

"Stop it," she finally said, "What the hell do you think you're doing?"

I said, "Finally, I have your attention."

She gave me a smile like I was a stupid child and said, "Okay. Stop it." She went right back to her screen.

I took about 20 more selfies and she didn't notice a thing. I then rapid-fire sent them all to her phone.

"What the hell?" she nearly shouted, "Stop it! Oh my God, stop it! You freak! You stupid freak!"

I re-sent nearly all of the selfies yet again. I couldn't help but crack up. She was furious. She actually stood up, found our waitress, and asked for the check to be delivered immediately. When she returned to the table she didn't sit down but jammed a hand into her purse, threw down barely enough to cover her food, and she left me there.


  1. you should have just stood up and left.

  2. Fight childish behavior with more childish behavior. I love it.

    RANT: I think people that post pictures of their food are the worst of social-media-ites. They are worse than those who post millions of pictures of their pets/children doing mundane things, worse than those who forward chain letters, and yes even worse than those that post game invites/updates. Someone posting about their exotic meal in same off-the-beaten-path place is one thing, but "look at my hamburger!" "I'm eating Caeser Salad!" "Yea! Pork chops!" - yes, I get it, you're American, I'm American, we both know what American food looks like, I don't fucking care. /RANT

  3. ^ Yeah, but my kid looks WAY cute when she is blowing a snot bubble out of her nose and trying to lick it. What's your facebook name? I'll friend you and you can check it out.

    I don't blame OP for what he did, but I do think it was pretty childish.

    Rant: We all know smart phones are addicting. They are the new crack. But for god's sake, put that shit away at dinner. Seriously, dinner, movies, first dates, the birth of your child, during sex....Just put that shit away. /Rant

    -sent from my iPhone

  4. It amazes me that two adults would act so childishly.

    Cellphones belong on silent/vibrate and put away when at dinner, even more so when on a date!


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