Cutting Class

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Story Sent in by Joan:

When I was out to dinner with Greg, one of the sleeves of his long-sleeved sweater hiked up and I saw that his arm was peppered with cuts.

I couldn't help blurting, "Oh my God."

He pulled his sleeve down and said, "Sorry. That's not for you. It's for my lord."

I had to ask, "Um, you mean like Satan or something?"

Greg laughed and said, "No. I'm not one of those."

Huh. Okay. "So... er... who...?"

He said, "Mr. Collinson."

"Is that your name for Satan?"

He said, "No. Mr. Collinson was my eighth-grade math teacher."

"You're cutting your arm for a junior high teacher?"

He said, "I'm done talking about it. The fish here is excellent..."

Conversation was pretty dead after that. No second date, naturally.


  1. OP comes off pretty judgmental... I missed the natural bridge from "apparent self harm" to "devil worship".

  2. I think she thought the "lord" was commanding it, not that her date was doing it because of anxiety/depression issues.

  3. You see someone has cuts on their arm and automatically assume they worship satan? Where do you get your information on satan worshippers? OP is a judgemental bitch, apparently.

  4. I think it had more to do with him saying he was doing it for his lord than her being judgmental.


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