Woe Men

Story Sent in by Harland:

I found Karina on a dating site where her profile mentioned that she was interested in both men and women. I initiated a correspondence with her and didn't mention a thing about it. It was fine with me.

On our first date, she had a drink and said, "You should know that I sleep with women, sometimes."

"So do I," I said, hoping to make light of what may have been a tense admission, for her. After all, not everyone is cool with such things.

That took her aback and she didn't say anything for a little while. Then she blurted to me, "Why can't you be a woman? Why? Why?" She then grabbed her glass and drank down nothing – as there was nothing left in her glass – then slammed it down, stood up, and left me sitting there. It was one of the more confusing moments of my life.

I wrote her an email when I made it home and said, "I am a woman. I disguised myself as a man to see if your heart was true."

To my surprise, she wrote back: "If that's true then we should go out again. If you're lying then I will rip off your nut sack."

I was lying. We didn't go out again.


  1. Only a woman
    Can touch me the right way
    Only a woman
    Is allowed to touch me there
    All I ask is that you're a woman


  2. Why wasn't she on a lesbian site if that's what she wanted?

    Love the way OP handled it though, very nice!

    She just wanted to rip off your nutsack to help you become a woman.

  3. And I forgot to mention, maybe she should have been on a date with this person.


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