Phone Gnome

Story Sent in by Wade:

I was enjoying a picnic lunch with Theresa. I had to use a restroom and there was a public one a short jog away. As I stood up she said, "Leave your phone."

When I gave her the why-should-I-leave-my-phone look, she explained, "I want to do something funny. I promise you'll like it."

She and I had a good relationship up until that point and there was no reason for me to doubt her. I wanted to show that I trusted her and so I handed her my phone and I jogged for the bathroom. I was expecting a funny new wallpaper or maybe she'd lock me out of my phone and make me guess the passcode until it stopped being funny.

When I returned she was gone.

I'd have called her, but hey. I looked around for her for a while, but she had truly vanished. The only thing I could do was roll up the blanket and return to my apartment, where my roommate let me borrow his phone to call her. It went to voicemail, and I left her a message asking her to either return my phone or expect a visit from the police.

When I didn't hear back from her after a reasonable amount of time, I took a walk to the local police station and filed a report. It must have been a slow day for them, as within a couple of hours, they called my roommate's phone to inform me that they had recovered my phone in good condition. I went down to the station to retrieve it, and I never heard from Theresa the thief again.


  1. A first is about getting to know each other. Trust is not on the table yet.

  2. I was expecting an invasion of privacy and some clingy possessive behavior from what she found...You had her name and info. Did she really think she would get away with it?

  3. Wow, you ARE a trusting soul. Most people won't hand over their phone to someone they have been with for years, much less so early on. Lesson learned eh?

  4. Clearly there was a disconnect in this girl's brain. I think her plan went something like:

    Step 1: Steal phone

    Step 2: ?

    Step 3: Profit

  5. If your phone was in a nubbed silicon case and set to vibrate and you spend more than 30 min pinching a loaf, you had that comming.

  6. ^^@The Architect- lol she short-circuited


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