A Very Merry Unbirthday to You

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Story Sent in by William:

One August, at first date dinner at a pretty nice place, Adele told the waitress, "Today's my birthday!"

The waitress gave Adele a funny look and said, "You were here yesterday and said it was your birthday."

Adele said, "No I wasn't."

The waitress sang, "Happy birthday dear Adele. I remember. We can't do two free desserts for you. I'm sorry. Can I get you something else?"

Adele gave the waitress a smoldering look and the waitress hurried away. I asked Adele, "Your birthday's in June. Were you really here yesterday to get free dessert?"

"Today's my birthday," Adele said, "Today's my birthday and she's trying to ruin it."

I said, "But it isn't your birthday."

"Doesn't matter!" Adele snapped, "Does she want to see my ID? My birth certificate? A signed affidavit from my parents? My blood?"

"How would your blood help?"

"Clearly she doesn't trust me!" Adele said, "Let's see what kind of tip someone who doesn't trust me gets!"

Adele didn't leave a tip at all (we were splitting the meal) so I covered her portion of it. Adele told me, "I thought you were on my side," after watching me leave the entire tip. There was no second date. Thank goodness.

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  1. So she went on a date to the same restaurant the night before? Interesting.


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