Palm Misreading

(I asked Breaking Bad's Vince Gilligan about storytelling last week. Click here to read his answer on this week's Jared's Inkwell! -JMG)

Story Sent in by Henry:

Kari wrote on her profile that she could read palms. I didn't believe it much myself, but I had an open mind and she offered to read my palm on our date. We met up in a university student union and walked to dinner.

At dinner we talked about hobbies and palmistry came up. She asked to see my right palm and I presented it to her.

She looked it over for a second, then grabbed my pinky and bent it backward.

I yelled and ripped my hand away. "What was that for?" I demanded.

She shrugged and said, "I don't really feel like reading palms right now."

"Yeah, but why did you try to hurt me?"

She shrugged, and that was the only answer she gave. I asked for the check and while we waited for it, she asked me why I was behaving like a jerk. That's when I left her with the check.


  1. She must have bent his finger back because she could foresee not getting a free meal. I'm thinking now that a paid meal is equivalent to some people's worth (in their own minds).

  2. ^ Yes, I agree. It's psychological for some people. They get some kind of validation by getting a guy to purchase them a meal. It strokes their sh-ego.

  3. God, OP - you're so dense. Fingers interfere with the reading, so she tried to remove them. That's why they call it palmistry, DUH!

  4. Not too long ago, I spoke with a palm reader that began learning how to do it as a teenager. She joked that it was a great way to learn if a date would be a good match for her. Perhaps that was the case here?

    There are more polite ways to get out of a date though!

  5. If it's been a while, I have occasionally disabled a date so they can't fight back or run away.

  6. Who the heck thinks it's okay to just straight up HURT someone? And not in the 'jokingly punch someones arm and it actually hurts' kind of way. What a crazy chick.

  7. A perfect opportunity to throw a drink in her face, squandered!


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