Happy for Your Loss

Story Sent in by Myrtle:

At our first date lunch, Eric handed me a card. I thought it was sweet of him to give it to me until I opened it up and saw that it was a sympathy card.

"Why a sympathy card?" I asked him. To my knowledge, no one I knew had died that recently.

He said, "For your loss. Didn't you experience a loss recently?"


He thought for a second and asked, "Are you sure?"


He thought a bit more then said, "Hang onto it. You'll experience another loss sometime soon." He must have read my reaction, because he quickly cut in with, "I mean, relatively speaking. I mean, someday we're all going to experience more loss. It's just inevitable. Just hang onto it until then and once it happens think of me."

I still didn't have a response for him, and he dug himself in a bit further with, "After lunch, if it'll help you feel better, you can go buy me a sympathy card so we can be even."

I did nothing of the sort, but at least once more during the meal he said, "You hang onto that card. It'll remind you of me someday. Promise."

I threw the card out less than an hour after the date. Now that I'm writing about the experience I guess I've proved him right.


  1. You showed him OP. Ball that card up and hurl it into the nearest garbage can "So there!" Then just glower at it for an hour or so just to make sure the job was done right.

    Seriously though, who gives a card on a first date? This sounds like Eric was going on a lot of dates and got confused as to who he was out with.

  2. ~Either that, or he was used to being turned down by dates who used the ole, "I can't go - my (fill in the blank) died" that he confused her for one on his rotation list. Bit of a spooky date.

  3. I like to receiving a Get Well Soon card on a date indicating my EVS will be vigorously cured. It always gets me slick with anticipation.

  4. I've always looked forward to dates that wish for unfortunate losses in my near future.

    That being said, it's still better than receiving a get well soon card on your birthday...from your sister. The crossed out print replaced with a hasty penmanship brings back fond memories.


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