Dude, That's Ill

Story Sent in by Justin:

In the week leading up to my date with Winona, she told me that she had come down with a stomach bug and might have to cancel our date. I wished her well and stayed in touch with her throughout the week to see how she was feeling.

When the day of our date, a Friday, finally rolled around, she called to tell me that she felt up to going out. I asked her if she was sure, and she said that she was.

While we were out together, we ate a light dinner and took a short walk. During the walk, she hurried over to nearby bushes and threw up.

I felt awful for her and ran to a nearby store to grab her a cup of water and some napkins. She thanked me, apologized a few times, and I helped her back to her car so she could head home. Clearly she wasn't completely over her illness. I wished her well and hoped that we could perhaps meet up again.

I wrote her the following morning to ask how she was, and she didn't reply all day. I called her in the evening to ask her, and she didn't pick up. I texted her the morning after that to ask how she was and she wrote back, "What do you want?"

I typed back, "I want to know you're okay. Are you?"

She said, "I don't know why you're writing me. You made me sick again."

I wrote back, "How did I do that?"

She replied, "It's your fault I threw up. You made me sick. I'm done talking about it and I'm done talking to you."

That was nice to hear. I figured she was just crazy and I moved on.


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