Energy Drain

Story Sent in by Cathy:

At dinner, Issac was red-eyed and nearly nodded off into his soup. I asked him if he was okay and he said that for some reason he had no energy. He then asked me if I had anything that could "give him energy."

"You could order a coffee," I suggested.

He said, "No. I need a roll in the hay."

"Good luck with that," I told him.

"But I need energy," he complained, louder.

"Coffee?" I suggested again, as sweetly as I could fake it.

He motioned for the waitress. When she came by he said, "I need energy. What do you have?"

The waitress said, "We have coffee."

Issac looked her up and down and said, "How about a roll in the hay?"

The waitress's mouth opened. She said, "Would you excuse me for just a moment?"

I had a feeling that Issac was about to be in a decent amount of trouble. I suggested, "Maybe you should go."

He said, "She's probably changing into something slutty."

A female manager came over with the check and said to Issac, "I think you should leave. I'm sorry."

Issac sighed, "I just want energy," but he paid the check all while the manager stood there and ushered us out.

Once we were outside, Issac turned to me and said, "What should I do for energy?" but the last half of the question he asked to the empty spot where I had been standing just prior, as I had already turned my back and left him there.


  1. A roll in the hay won't fix that! Didn't he see Dr. Strangelove?

  2. If there's one ongoing joke about guys, it's that right after sex they are completely energized, sometimes so wired that they can't fall asleep for days.

  3. Also, Don't know why I didn't think of this one!


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