Mow, Mow, Mow Your Boat

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Story Sent in by Sandra:

In retrospect, David came across as lacking a sense of humor (and reality), but I guess I was blind to that at the time. When we went out for coffee, he told me, "Four things: first, if we get married, I won't mow the lawn."

My blank expression must have told him to elaborate, which he did:

"I hate mowing the lawn, I've always hated mowing the lawn, and I will not mow the lawn. Either you'll do it or we find some stupid migrant laborer to do it. And that's final."

I didn't know what the proper response was, so I said nothing, waiting to hear what the remaining three things on his list were. But he said no more.

"Is that it?" I asked him.

"All I can think of," he said, "You're mowing the lawn. I mean it." He sat back, evidently quite pleased with himself.

Only date.


  1. ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  2. I think the proper response would have been, "That's a pretty big 'if'."

  3. Some people are meant to live in apartments or condos their whole life.

  4. @ Blue Blue - I think your "?" key is stuck.

  5. Oh, he'll hire someone to mow that lawn, amirite?

    Anyone that sets ridiculous marriage conditions on a first date is really saying, "I didn't wanna be gay, it's just that no ladies are willing to compromise."


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