Strike Three

Story Sent in by Bertrand:

Maggie had three breasts. Well, not really, but when we met in person, she wore a form-fitting top and three very distinctive round shapes sat side by side by side on her chest. It was glaringly obvious and I couldn't help but give it more than a respectful stare.

The date itself was terrific. We had a late lunch and then visited a local zoo.

Our next time out, we went to a small art museum and then a botanic garden. She wore a dress but sure enough, she still had a third breast. This time, though, it looked a bit more lopsided. Whereas the first time, all three were pretty much centered, this time two were clumped closer together than the third.

I still didn't say anything, but I kept looking. I couldn't help it. Was I seeing things? Was it a trick of the light? No. There were most definitely three shapes there, and it was freaking me out.

We had had good conversations, flirty conversations, and humorous conversations. That's why when we sat down in the garden's cafe, I asked, "I don't mean to be rude, but what's the deal with..." and then I pointed my finger at my chest and wagged it back and forth.

She glanced down at her chest and said, "Two of them are real."

I replied, "Yeah, so what's with the third?"

She looked sad for the first time since I'd known her, then said, "I can't tell you. Not yet."

I liked her and I really did respect her, so I dropped it then and there.

I called her for a third date. She never responded, and it's vexed me to this very day.


  1. There you go, Tanette... get yourself a 3rd breast, and you'll have to fight them away with a stick!

  2. A 3rd breast is for slow dancing, but it's supposed to be on her back...

  3. Did she have a distinct smell about her in the area of her third breast?

  4. Thank you Steve. I will have one implanted asap!

  5. Apparently I learned something new today. Thanks Tourist of Life!


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