Roof on a Hot Tin Cat

Story Sent in by Elizabeth:

When I was 24, I met Kenneth online. We met for dinner and shortly after we sat down he said, "Your profile said you like cats. Do you own a cat?"

I said, "I didn't but I grew up with two. Horatio and–"

Kenneth gave a huge sigh and leaned back. He said, "Well, forget this."

"Why?" I asked him.

"I'm extremely allergic to cats."

I said, "But... I don't own a cat."

"But you used to," he reminded me, "You still carry their dander and hair, even if you don't have them anymore."

I said, "I had them until I was 16. I've taken at least a couple thousand showers since then."

"Nope. Sorry. Not going to work. And don't touch me. I'm extremely allergic. To cats." He pulled his shirt up to his nose like a breathing mask.

We ordered food, he paid for dinner, and made a hasty retreat.


  1. Wow, you stayed around after that? Although, if he had a nice set of abs to admire while his shirt was pulled up and used as an effective breathing filter, I could understand that.

  2. ^ Or desperately trying to cure her EVS?

  3. Careful, it may be the obvious. If this guy is allergic to pussy he's not going to be curing anyone's EVS. OP, if you are desperate the correct response in this situation is "would you be more comfortable with anal?" I've an 80% hit rate with closet homosexuals on straight dating site with this method.

  4. Lol. Exactly what I was gonna say Try. Lol.


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