Ladies First

Story Sent in by Dwight:

I lived in the same neighborhood as Claudia, but to make it to the restaurant we had picked for our first date, we had to ride the bus. We boarded it together. It was packed. There was one free seat and she lunged for it with a, "Mine!"

On the way down, the bus was stuck in light traffic but we made it to the place without any further difficulties.

The restaurant was also packed. I recommended we try a different place. Instead, Claudia spotted a single seat at the bar and again, she zipped toward it. I put our names on the wait list and stood next to her as we waited.

When they finally called my name, she shoved past me to be the first to sit at the table. She rushed us through dinner and when we were finished, we went outside. The plan was for us to visit a nearby art show that was open late.

Instead, she ran to a taxi stand, screamed, "Mine! Mine! Mine!" at me, threw herself into a cab, and took off forever.


  1. My god, she sounds like the worst date ever! What a bird brain!

  2. LOL@Architect -- that was perfect !

  3. Man, I'd hate to be the guy who one day divorces Claudia. Those negotiations on how to split the assets must be pretty rough.

  4. Actually I don't know any guy who would be able to marry claudia.

  5. I'm sure guys are lining up to marry her, Blue. And that's awesome Steve.


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