Don't Put a Ring on It

Story Sent in by Angela:

I wore a couple of rings on my hand when I went out with Eugene. Both were gifts from friends who had traveled around and bought them for me. Not long after meeting and greeting him, when we sat down to dinner, Eugene pointed at my hand and asked, "You're married?"

The rings weren't engagement or wedding rings and they weren't even on my left hand. I told him that I wasn't married. Um, I was on a date with him?

He said, "Then take the rings off."

I refused. They were gifts from friends, I explained.



"Did guys give those to you?"


He settled back, obviously uneasy with my answers. I said, "And even if guy friends did buy them for me, why would that matter?"

He laughed hard and said, "A guy buys a ring for a woman, it's an engagement ring. No more to it."

My turn to laugh. "That's not true! A guy friend could buy me a ring."

He laughed harder and said, "No, he couldn't! Did a guy buy you those rings or not?"


"Then you can keep them on."

I said, "I'd keep them on regardless."

He said, "Not in my presence, you wouldn't. I'm no idiot."

We went Dutch on dinner, and I never went out with that idiot again.


  1. La The Lurker here -- and I was just analyzing why I am so addicted to reading from this site. Not only do I really love the replies (so clever, biting, funny, & those links bust me up) - but reading of these dates has been making me feel as if I am not really that strange. :P Never felt so SANE in my life ! I can't believe some of these godawful dates.

  2. Since you had more than one ring, you should have told him that you were Mormon, and had multiple husbands... but were "always shopping around for husband #4!"

  3. I sympathize with her date. I went out with this one chick......

    @ La - We love you too! Also, when you're lying in bed tonight, we'll be thinking about you...

  4. I can only imagine what he'd ask you to take off next if you complied. Seems like one of those moves guys do to save time. If demanding you denude your hands doesn't grind your gears then he knows how it will end.

    We need more of ya, La. Glad you like the links.

  5. Once, at a very messy party, a gentleman gave me his cock ring. We certainly were not engaged or anything, and it stank, but what a lovely gesture. I'm waiting for another so I can wear them as hoop earrings. I wonder what Eugene would think of that.

  6. Wolfdreams01, in the past the Mormon church practiced polygyny, not polyandry. :p

  7. I pitty any girl that dates him in the future...he might find a plastic toy ring and assume he's proposed!


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