Snow News Is Good News

Story Sent in by Leota:

I had spoken to Darryl sporadically via dating site emails for a few weeks when a mega snowstorm sailed into our area. He offered to come over and help me shovel my admittedly long driveway. Bear in mind that I hadn't met him yet, but I wasn't one to turn down free help (he did indeed offer to do it for free) so I took him up on it.

Remembering that we had met on a dating site, I did everything I could to make the experience pleasant for him. I helped him shovel and I made hot chocolate. Once we were done, we went inside my place and he said, "Now it's time for you to thank me proper."

I said, "I already said thank you and I made you hot chocolate. What else do you want?"

He unzipped his pants and said, "Have any ideas?"

I said, "Yes. Head back out the way you came."

He said, "But I just shoveled your whole driveway by myself!"

I replied, "I helped you! Remember? The other person out there with you the whole time?"

He shrugged then said, "I'm waiting."

I said, "You need to leave."

Thankfully, he put on his jacket and left without further incident. I hadn't the heart to tell him that he had left his fly wide open.


  1. I'm sorry. You took a first date up on an offer for him to shovel your drive way? A first date? Never met him before? Off the internet? I don't even know...

  2. Is that really so different from hiring someone you've never met to do it? Why is accepting help from a date bad but hiring a stranger okay?

  3. Because you pay someone you've never met before. There is a contract. This in exchange for that. Dating is something entirely different, especially internet dating. I know that there are good Samaritans out there, but generally, why would someone offer something like shoveling a driveway to a complete stranger for free? What would be his motive? Yes, he was clunky and an ass about it, but his goal was to get her into bed. And I'm just pointing out that the OP was naive and didn't realize that. I won't say that she was under the "I'm pretty and people will do anything for me because I'm pretty" motif because she helped him shovel and made him hot chocolate. But I am saying that one should never meet a first date at their home. So yeah, there's a big difference between hiring someone who is under a basic contract even if it's verbal and inviting a first date over.

  4. To be fair, he offered to help, without her asking. Tanette is right though; you should never meet a first date (especially an internet one) at your home.

  5. Good point, Mary. He did offer without her asking. All a part of his devious plan. muhahahahahahahahaha

  6. Here's a pro tip for you... if somebody offers to do a huge favor for somebody he's never met, IT'S NOT REALLY A FAVOR.

  7. Also, I kind of wish Darryl was the OP or at least a reader because I would like to mock him and insult his masculinity. ::sigh::

  8. No one noticed the undertones here? It went from "he offered to help me" to "I even helped him". Then there was the "what else do you expect?" remark....I can't even voice it.

  9. No one noticed the undertones here? It went from "he offered to help me" to "I even helped him". Then there was the "what else do you expect?" remark....I can't even voice it.


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