Euro Trippin'

Story Sent in by Dustin:

I was talking with Bernice over dinner on our first date when I mentioned that my younger sister was (at the time) traveling through Europe. Bernice asked me a lot of details about my sister's trip, to the point wherein I wondered if she was more interested in my sister than in me.

The rest of the date went all right, but when I contacted her afterward to let her know that I'd be interested in a second date, she said that our conversation had inspired her to use her remaining vacation time to take a similar trip overseas. She was looking up ticket prices and planning so much that, according to her, she wouldn't have a chance to meet up again within the near future.

I couldn't tell if she was serious or not until she wrote me again, several days later, to ask for my address "to send postcards." It seemed like she was doing this for real, and so I gave her my address. Not terribly long after, postcards arrived from Europe. She went on the trip, after all. Good for her.

She sent me five postcards total, the latter two of which mentioned a guy she had met in France who she had "really hit it off" with. She wrote, "I might even extend my vacation!" Way to twist that knife, there.

I have no idea when (or if) she ever returned, and I didn't contact her again.


  1. Stay tuned for her apperance in Hostel IV

  2. Ah, the manic pixie dream girl in action, attuned only to the frequency of her desires and oblivious to her impact on others. The only answer, OP, is to chase her halfway around the world and declare your undying love at an airport gate before her flight.

    Or, if you have some bizarre need to go for more accessible gals, maybe update your profile pic to something more representative so dates don't escape to other continents post-meetup.

  3. You know OP, while most women tend to be caring people, I've found that occasionally there's a certain type of girl who doesn't want to date you, but she loves attention from you, and will endlessly do stuff like this to make herself feel like she is high-status. I've found that the best way to react to people like this is to remember that they're not actual people, but quasi-people put on earth so that psychologists and hobbyists can study emotions on a more basic level, without all the layers of complexity that real humans have.

    Next time you meet somebody like this, have some fun with it! For example, try experimenting by alternatively being nice and then really mean to them. If you do it right, you can condition them into some REALLY bizarre behaviors, which is really hilarious. Remember, your point value score is DOUBLED if they eventually wind up in an abusive marriage!


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