The Desolation of Blog

Story Sent in by Kent:

Shelia was late for our date. Too late. I called her up as I sat alone like a moron in a restaurant booth.

She picked up the phone as if she had completely forgotten about our date. "Hey, what's up?"

I asked her, "Are you on your way?"

"On my way where?"

I sighed and asked her, "Remember our date?"

A pause, then, "Yeah."

I said, "Remember that it's supposed to be... now?"

Another pause, then, "Yeah."

"Good, so we're so far two for two. I'm here waiting for you."

She said, "Yeah, I just got caught up in reading my favorite blog. I'll be there soon."

"We were supposed to meet a half-hour ago."

"Yeah. I just hafta get dressed and I'll be there."

I sighed again. "Fine."

"...once I'm done reading."

My turn to pause, but mine was in amazement, not stupidity. I asked, "Why not stop reading it and just come right here?"

She said, "Eww. Whatever, Mr. Controlling," then hung up on me.

I can only hope that she's making some other guy's life a similar pleasure.


  1. In her defense, the blog might have been A Bad Case of the Dates. In that case, finishing her reading would be not only justifiable, but absolutely NECESSARY.

  2. Op sounds a bit dick-ish. Too dick-ish.

  3. Why do you hope she makes some other guy's life miserable? Why not hope some dude makes HER life miserable?

  4. I agree, Steve. Why should another guy have to suffer? Good point. And wolf, I was totally gunna say that.

  5. Oh and OP, just for future reference, another response to:
    "Yeah. I just hafta get dressed and I'll be there." could be:
    "Don't bother." Just a suggestion...

  6. Or you can go home, but still see if you can get her to head there and realize that you are gone.


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