Rubber and Glue

Story Sent in by Richard:

Amanda shot rubber bands at me from across the table on our first date. At first I thought it was cute and slightly endearing, but after five shots (how many rubber bands did she have, anyway?) it stopped being adorable. In fact, it became downright annoying.

"Okay that's enough," I told her. She stopped for a minute and then pulled out another one and shot it at me. Then another. We were seated outside and there was no one sitting behind me. Still, it was really embarrassing and annoying. Did I mention that she was in her mid-twenties?

"Seriously. Stop," I told her again. She stopped for a minute or two, but then as soon as I looked away, she shot at me again.

"Do it one more time and I'm leaving. I mean it," I said.

She stopped completely. I was pleased that she took me seriously.

Well, only for a little while. Not five minutes later, she let one fly and it hit me in the face. It was neither charming nor quirky, and good to my word, I left her sitting there with a pocket full of rubber bands and a whole lot of time to kill.

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  1. Good for you. Someone with some self-respect. Why would a grown woman do something so odd.


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