The Nine-Month Itch

Story Sent in by Teresa:

I was seated across from James during our first date at a cafe. While we ate, I absently scratched briefly at my stomach.

"Whoa!" James said and pointed, "Are you pregnant?"

His question shocked me, and no I wasn't pregnant. I told him that, but he said, "Nope. Only means one thing when a woman rubs her stomach." He pushed away from the table. "I think we're done here."

"But I'm not pregnant!" I protested.

He held up his hands and said, "It's really okay." He put more than enough cash down on the table to cover it all, then stood up and said, "It's my fault for not asking, but you really should be upfront about things like that in the future."

He left me there. Oh well. At least the loser paid for lunch.

1 comment:

  1. Dude wanted an exit strategy or saw somebody he knew, and didn't want to be seen with you.

    It's cruel to handle it like that, though.


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