Date or Death

Story Sent in by Mary:

I'm always careful about using recent pictures on my profile. To me, recent means taken within the past year, and I always include at least one full-body shot. No sense wasting anyone's time if I'm not some superficial guy's type.

Speaking of, Brad gave me one look in person, when we met for our date at a train station, and said, "Wow. Were the pics on your profile of your younger, hotter sister?"


He shook his head and said, "Well thanks but no thanks. I'm just going to wait here for the next train. Sorry to have wasted your time."

"Seriously?" I asked him. I had spent a long time readying and up until this moment, I had been optimistic.

He sat down on a bench and said, "I'm going to wait for the next train to come. Unless it maybe comes and hits me instead. I can't decide which would be better. Have a good night."

"Seriously?" I asked again.

He said, "Deadly seriously. Deadly. When the train comes, if you're still here, I may just leap in front of it."

I stood there in silence with him, to see if he'd make good on his threat. He didn't. When the next train came several minutes later, he boarded it without a second look back. Too much of a coward to even kill himself as promised.


  1. Sorry, I meant I knew IT! Not I knew you. I simply got so excited about finally discovering the lovely lady who offed that PUA dick that I spontaneously started sprouting typos and a boner. ;-)

  2. Oh dear Lord. Why do people have to be such asses? Ah wolf, now I'm excited. ;)

  3. Legit question, because I'm admittedly ignorant re: Why is it important to be careful not to use a more recent photo? Is that a safety thing?

  4. Mike-I consier a picture taken within the last year as recent as long as you haven't undergone a tremdous change such as gaining/losing a lot of weight, cutting your hair and dying it purple, shaving your head, etc. She means that the pictures she's using are recent and not more than 1 year old.

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