Make it Rain

Story Sent in by Charles:

Julie brought her umbrella with her to our coffee date. Thing was, there wasn't a cloud in the evening sky. We even had our drinks in an outdoor eating area.

Just to make conversation, I pointed to her umbrella and I asked her, "Expecting rain?"

She said, "Praying for it. I have a hundred-percent success rate in making it rain."

I looked up at the sky again. From what I could see, there weren't any clouds. When I looked back down, Julie's hands were clasped in prayer. She remained that way until I said, "Julie...?" and then she snapped out of it.

"Sorry," she said, "Praying for rain and all."

I glanced at the sky again and said, "How soon after you pray does it take for the sky to open up?"

She said, "Not long. It always happens eventually."

Well she was right, there. Wait long enough and it'll rain. In most places, anyway. It didn't rain that night, but she prayed three more times before we called it an evening.

When it did rain, a week and a half later, I silently thanked her.


  1. She should move to Seattle...

  2. "I have a hundred-percent success rate in making it rain."

    Just like R. Kelly!

  3. (As long as he is properly hydrated, of course.)

  4. Stories like these make me wonder if the wacky people are just performers practicing how to stay in character. Especially if she doesn't expect to pay for dinner. Of course, she could just be a dork who was disappointed with the OP and acted like a nut just to spite him. Either way, that's Oscar® caliber crazy right there.


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