Crappy New Year

Happy new year from A Bad Case of the Dates!

Story Sent in by Gracie:

James said he'd pick me up at 8pm for a party on New Year's Eve. Eight came and went. At 8:20, I called him and he said he'd be right over.

When it was 9:15, I called him again and he shouted, "Happy New Year!" over the phone.

"Yeah. Are you coming?"

"Happy New Year!" he said again. The sounds of a party were in the background. He hung up.

I called up some friends last-minute and two were available to come over to my place and hang out so that I wouldn't be completely alone. We all had a good time together until around 11:30. That's when there was a pounding at my door that scared the heck out of us.

"Who is it?" I shouted through the door.

"James! Open up. Happy New Year," came James's voice from the other side. He was clearly drunk or high or both.

I didn't open the door. We turned off the lights and went into my basement so as to not hear him pounding away anymore. We rang in the new year a little bit later, and when we came upstairs again, the pounding had stopped. We all hung out for a little while longer until one of my friends said that she was going to go (the other one was sleeping over).

When I opened my door to let her out, we found James passed out on the stoop. We shook him and poured water on him and he woke up, swore at us, and drove away. As he took off, I silently wished him a "Happy New Year!"


  1. OP encouraged a drunk/high guy to get in a car and drive away. Nice.

    This is why I stay home on New Years Eve...

  2. She didn't encourage him. She just asked if he was coming to get her.

  3. Exactly what I was thinking Steve! Happy New Year to you! Thank you all for helping to make 2013 a great year! Much love!

  4. Tammy, I meant after that. He was "sleeping it off," albeit on her porch, but sleeping it off nonetheless. She woke him up and caused him to get in his car and drive away. Maybe she should have called the cops, maybe offered to call a cab, etc... but letting him get behind the wheel seems irresponsible to me...


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