Bed Heads

Story Sent in by Richard:

I woke up next to Amelia after a night I didn't really remember. The two of us had been friends for a while (we had met through mutual friends) and had gone on a couple dates up until then. The prior night we had gone bar-hopping with a bunch of pals. She and I hadn't slept together up until this point.

I woke at nine in the morning and decided to wait around in her living room and read until she woke up. She didn't wake up until after one.

When she finally wandered, half-dressed, out of her bedroom and saw me, she shouted and said, "John!"

My name isn't John. I opened my mouth to remind her, but then she blurted, "Steve! Carl! Jason! John! Whatever! Get out!"

I said, "It's Richard. I don't remember coming back here with you, but—"

"Who are you?" she demanded, "John! John? Are you John?"

"Richard! I'm Richard!"

She stumbled as she made her way to her kitchen. "John! Get out, John!"

There was nothing for it. I grabbed what little stuff I had and made for the door. "Call me!" I shouted back to her.

"Get out of here, John!" she called back. I left.

When we next saw each other in person, it was close to a month later and we were out once more with a group of friends. She introduced herself to me as if she had never met me before. When I reminded her that we had dated (to say the least), she said that she had no memory of ever having met me. I gave her up as a lost cause.

At the end of the night, though, when we all parted ways, she said, "It was nice to meet you, John."

"It's okay," I told her, "You weren't worth remembering, either."


  1. It's OK, at one point or another we've all had drunken sex so bad that the woman experienced PTSD and blocked it out from their minds. It can't be just me, amirite guys? Come on, gimme a holla if you've been there!

    ::Silence, sound of crickets chirping.::

    ...well then, I'll just be in that corner crying silently.

  2. Ha ha ha, wolf. The little lady does sound a bit cracky. Who knows? But Happy New Year to y'all. And also, best of luck coming up with those awesome resolutions. :)

  3. What did their friends have to say about her sudden memory lapse? Didn't meet through and hang out together with mutual ones? You think that someone would have bothered to back the OP up.


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