Garbage Day

Story Sent in by Nancy:

I was 19 and had been seeing Josh for a under a month when I ended up staying the night at his place. It was his idea that I take the bed while he crashed on the couch. I guess it was too early in our relationship to share a sleeping surface. Anyway we drank a fair amount, I went to bed, and that was it.

When I woke up in the morning, I was outside, behind his apartment building, wrapped in a bed sheet, next to a dumpster. It was out of direct sight of the nearby parking lot. I had all of my stuff: my purse, phone, and all cash and cards were accounted for. I didn't seem to have been violated, either. It was literally as if he and some friends had carried me out of his place and dropped me off next to the dumpster. I called him up. It went to his voicemail.

I balled up the sheet, threw it into the trash, and headed for my car. I didn't call him again, and I didn't see or hear from him after that.


  1. Selma Bouvier said it best: That's what you get when you don't put out.

  2. OP, your lucky you didn't up in the East River!

  3. OK, let's analyze this relationship...

    1) Didn't want to sleep with you.
    2) Threw you into the trash.
    3) Didn't answer your calls.

    Are you SURE that you and Josh were dating? Because I get the vibe that if he were to write a rebuttal, it would go something like this:

    "Nancy wasn't much to look at, but I thought she had the potential to be a good friend. The trouble was, she kept on ACTING like we were dating, and she would cockblock me any time a cute girl showed interest. So one day when she was drunk and passed out at my place (after coming onto me yet AGAIN) me and me friends picked her up and left her by the dumpster. I guess she finally got the message."

    OK, maybe that was a little mean. But seriously, most women only need ONE of those hints. And speaking as a guy who has occasionally had female friends develop scary crushes on him, I must admit that I have at times considered this.

  4. Such a waste when a perfectly good woman is tossed in the trash.

  5. Wow. And we'll never know what possessed that guy to do it. He's could be a complete sociopath, a very dangerous sleepwalker, a victim of a sadistic roommate--who knows? My sympathies. I don't think I'd have the courage to date again for a long time after something like that.

  6. Uh...dude it doesn't matter if he might have maybe possibly tried to drop hints. He got her drunk waited until she passed out. He put HIS hands on HER body. He took her outside and put her next to a DUMPSTER. She could have been raped if the wrong person took a wrong turn. Nothing merits this treatment. And your comment makes you sound like a douchebag. Your handle Wolfdreams confirms it.


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