Hot Crossed Wires

Story Sent in by Benton:

Marie spent the first half of our first date complaining about what a jerk her last boyfriend was. I listened to her at first but ultimately tuned out when it became clear that she wasn't interested in anything but this guy that she claimed to not be interested in, anymore.

But then she said something that caught my attention: "He was in a bowling league, liked fixing up old arcade machines, and even won some big prizes at regional mini-golf events."

What made that statement notable was that it was taken, nearly verbatim, from my own dating site profile. She had moved from talking about this guy to oddly assigning my own attributes to him.

I told her, "Uh, that's me you're talking about. That was on my profile."

She refused to admit her mistake, and even said, "You're lying," to me.

I whipped out my smartphone and showed her my profile. She barely glanced at it and said, "You probably just wrote that in while I was talking about it just now." No explanation, of course, as to how I could've accomplished such a feat right in front of her without her noticing.

"Anyway," she went on, "He told me his goal was to find and repair an original Ms. Pac-Man machine."

I then showed her the part of my profile, only slightly further down, that said exactly that. She shrugged and ignored me for the rest of our time out together. She looked around like she was waiting for someone else, but no one else showed and I ended up wishing her a hasty goodnight and leaving.

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  1. Rebound girl was obsessing over you because you look like him.

    Some girls are crazy.


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