Story Sent in by Bonnie:

In the process of learning more about each other on our first date (held at a really nice independent coffee shop), Gerard asked me about the most humiliating experience that ever happened to me. I couldn't think of much, then I remembered that a friend had pulled down my shorts once during a coed volleyball game in high school.

Gerard laughed long and hard at that, and knocked his fist on the bottom of the table multiple times. Class. He asked me all sorts of uncomfortable questions about it, the final one of which was, "Would you mind if we reenacted that tonight?"

"i'd rather not reenact it at all, if it's all the same to you."

"Please? Pretty please?"


"With a cherry on top?"

"How about you?" I asked, hoping to turn the tables, "What's your most embarrassing experience?"

"The time I was on a date with a girl who didn't want to reenact her most embarrassing moment."

"That sounds pretty humiliating for you. Consistently making an ass of yourself, over and over again. How did it end?"

He swigged down the rest of his drink, stood up, wiped his mouth with his sweater sleeve, said, "Hell with this," and actually left me there.

At least one of us had an embarrassing moment that night.


  1. Actually Bonnie... wouldn't your most embarrassing moment have been at that exact moment, since you had to face the fact that HE was ditching YOU?

  2. ^Are you being serious?
    Nice comeback OP! What a douchey date.

  3. I don't think OP realised that Gerard wasn't really offering to reenact her most humiliating moment for therapy but so he could play with her giblets. She could of had both but had her dumb ass ditched instead, now that's embarrassing.

  4. SmallCityGirl, I certainly am serious. Was she contractually obligated to stick around with a guy who was behaving like a douchebag? Last I checked, it was a free country and people are allowed to end their dates if they're not having fun. The fact that she stuck around implies that there was some sort of interest on her part, which would be incredibly embarrassing - don't you think?

  5. TryN2Fly, it's "could've".

  6. I got the impression that the only reason she was sticking around was to insult him. Sounds like something I'd do.

  7. Brad, you stop messin' with my girl TryN2Fly. She can say could of if she wants to. You better not get in bad with me. 'cause I'll cut a bee-och.


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