One Shade of Stupid

Story Sent in by Cleo:

As Greg and I sat in a nearly-deserted restaurant for lunch on our first date, the sunlight was streaming in thorough the windows, and it was nice. It wasn't hitting us directly, but that didn't stop Greg from shutting all the window blinds he could close, all over the restaurant.

"The sun sucks," he explained to me.

The waitress came out and put all the shades back up. Greg gave her a dirty look and waited until she disappeared again to put them back down. She caught him in the act and she asked him to keep them up.

"We're the only ones in here!" he said. We weren't, but whatever.

"Sir, please leave the shades up."

"We're customers! We can do whatever we want!"

They went back and forth like that for a while and the manager had to come out to explain to Greg why, ultimately, it was the rules of the restaurant and not the customer that would win the day.

Greg acted upset the whole rest of the time and he refused to leave a tip, so I put it in. He told me I was being stupid by leaving anything. Only date with him, obviously.

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