Two Stupid Dogs

Story Sent in by Jonette:

I'd bump into Sean almost every morning. We both had dogs and both took them walking before work every weekday. It was something I looked forward to. He was a little bit older, and he was always very nice to me. Over about two years, despite me bouncing around different relationships, Sean was always there in the mornings, so I looked forward to that.

Sean and I mostly made small talk, but occasionally he'd ask me about my family, if I had a boyfriend, my hobbies, and such. I'd ask him the same things. It was, I guessed, becoming a sort of friendship. But I had no idea what his intentions were.

Sometimes, when I'd take my dog for a walk, Sean wouldn't be there. I figured he had been there earlier or perhaps I was late or whatever else. For me not to see him for the span of a week or two was unusual, but that's exactly what happened earlier this year. He simply didn't show up for our usual walks. I was concerned, but I also didn't have any contact information for him. I guessed he'd turn up eventually.

After the string of days passed without seeing him, I came home to my apartment one evening from work, went into my bedroom, changed into pajamas, and then a pair of hands grabbed my ankles from under the bed!

I screamed loud enough for them to hear me a dozen floors below. I kicked and thrashed and tore loose and slammed the door shut and grabbed my phone and ran out of my apartment and called 911.

Turns out it was Sean, who was arrested. He claimed that he just wanted to see if I was telling the truth when I said I didn't have a boyfriend. Turns out I was telling the truth all right, but he'll never find out anything more. Long story short, I've since moved far away from there.


  1. How did he know where you lived?

  2. He must have stalked her, hid in the bushes while she walked her dog...two years of knowing her dog walking pattern wouldn't make that too hard an endeavor. How lucky for her she didn't get into a relationship with him. How lucky that she was able to call 911.

  3. I'm thinking if he's mental enough to do that, following her to find out where she lives is but a small step.

  4. I'm wondering if this might be the most mental ever. But I can't find the one where the woman stuck around in the trailer park and had sex while the dude's brother watched.

  5. That'll teach you to befriend a creepy dog owner. Everyone knows they're all lunatics. Sane people own cats.

    Seriously though, we read stories on here that could have been murders in the making, but this one for sure was going to turn out bad for the OP. I'm thinking her remains would have been fed to this guy's dog.

  6. I've heard that "Surprise! I'm in your bedroom!" is one of the best pick-up lines ever.

  7. ok I come here for nonsense not genuine scare!

  8. This guy was lucky she didn't have a CCL!

    About half the women I know keep a gun hidden near the bed. Some keep their CCL-qualification targets hung up like posters as a warning.

  9. Epic fail, OP, for not ridding the world of a creeper!


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