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Story Sent in by Andrew:

I wrote to Stefanie on a popular dating site and throughout our messages, she dropped big hints that she liked flowers, especially asters and hydrangeas. I normally wouldn't buy someone flowers on a first date, but I liked her and I took the hint and I showed up with some flowers that fit the bill. She was grateful, but as I had anticipated, she really behaved like the gesture was expected.

I brought her to a nice independent coffee shop. It was already pretty late, around 9PM. It was simply when we had agreed upon to meet, but it was understood that we'd both have had dinner before meeting up. Once at the coffee shop, she asked, "Did you get me any more flowers?" and she looked around as if I had hidden them somewhere.

I hadn't, and I told her that that one bouquet was all. She started to cry, which I hadn't anticipated. She whined that she wanted more flowers and said, "You can just pay for dinner to make up for it."

As stated, this was already pretty late and I had already had dinner. I had thought that she'd also had dinner before the date, and I asked her, "You didn't have dinner already?"

Through her tears she said, "Tonight, I did. I'm talking about tomorrow. You can pay for my dinner tomorrow."

"You want to go out again tomorrow?" I asked with a bit of trepidation. Whereas mere moments earlier, the prospect would've tempted me, it was becoming less and less a desire.

She shook her head. "No. Just give me the money and I'll buy it, myself."

I flat-out refused her, and she cried even more. "This always happens!" she said, "This always happens! Why are guys like this?"

Sorry to all guys out there if I dropped the ball on this one. But I didn't pay for her next dinner or any other dinner, for that matter. I did my best to calm her down and I brought the date to an end.


  1. Wow, just....wow. How could you drop the ball like that Andrew?! You should have had dozens of bouquets waiting for her at this coffee shop. Actually, you should have bought her a flower shop and then set up a coffee pot. That might have been enough to get you a second date. Obviously you wouldn't accompany her on the date, just pick her up, hand her your credit card, and drop her off at a really nice restaurant which is also filled with her favorite flowers. GOD! Why are guys like this!?

  2. lol. Archi, you rock! And thanks for a good story, OP. :)

  3. Lessons for you, OP:
    1. The guy who buys the most flowers wins.
    2. It is proper etiquette to buy a lady dinner even if you are not on a date with her.

  4. Oh, and third date, you'd better have a ring.

  5. Andrew, i'm glad to see you saw through her crying act she always does that so she can find a sap who willing to buy her dinner tomorrow.

  6. Remember guys, if any of you ever proposes to her don't offer her an engagement ring. Just give her the money and she'll buy one tomorrow.

  7. (And break up with you the day after tomorrow.)

  8. someone else must have done that for her


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