A Woman's Mask Is Never Done

Story Sent in by Kristen:

It had been close to two months that I had been dating John. We had gone on six or seven dates in that time, and they had become more frequent. He liked me, I liked him. No reason to think that things wouldn't continue to go well.

One night, after we were out to dinner together, he led me to his car with a promise to show me something. He opened his car's back door and pulled out a mid-sized cardboard box.

He opened it up and pulled out a rubber mask of a scary-looking old man. He put it on and said, "Are you interested?"

There was nothing left in the box. I asked, "Interested in what?"

Then I had the fright of my life. Behind me, very close, someone said, "Is she interested?"

I turned around to see two women, both notably shorter than I was, wearing similar rubber masks, complete with old faces and fake wispy hair. They had clearly been waiting there for us to come by. I looked back at John, but he was hurrying away from me, down the sidewalk, still in his mask.

"He'll be right back," one of the short masked people said, "He's gathering the others."

I still thought this was some elaborate joke John was pulling, but then one of the masked shorties said to the other, "She'll fight."

The other one replied, "Doesn't matter. There's like, six of us."

At that point, I asked what was going on. After a moment of silence, one of them replied that I should shut my mouth. That was enough for me and I hurried away. They followed me close for a few blocks but slowed down and eventually stopped once I made it to a main street with lots of light.

When I made it home I called John and asked him what that stunt was all about. He wrote back to say he would explain it all to me if I met him for another date in the near future.

Taking his word for it, I met with him one final time, for lunch. He was pleasant enough but every time I asked him about that weird night, he'd clam up, be evasive, or change the subject entirely. He clearly wasn't going to tell me anything about it, and by that point I didn't care anymore as long as he stayed away from me.


  1. What is the actual number of brain cells needed to have a thought run through one's head? Because the OP clearly does not have this many brain cells. "Oh, a bunch of people put on masks and surround me in the dark where I could easily be pushed into a trunk, taken away, raped, and killed. I got away so it's all good. The guy who lured me into this trap wants to go on another date.....ummmm, OK! Can't wait, see you soon!!!!1!!1!! <3"

    WTF were you thinking OP? Oh, that's right, you don't have enough brain cells.....

  2. "Taking his word for it, I met with him one final time, for lunch.

    Then he and his friends killed me, as they'd clearly planned in the first place."

  3. Come on, guys... if you can't trust complete strangers in masks who surround you in the dark and size up your defensive capabilities, who CAN you trust?!

    Don't be so cynical!

    Next thing you'll be telling me is that a guy who bangs me on a bed full of trash - twice - while his twin watches doesn't respect me is and isn't a keeper!!

  4. Wow, OP, you had this great opportunity to become part of John's sex cult and you passed on it? Sounds like SOMEBODY isn't that interested in curing her EVS...

  5. Wait what? You met up with him again? By your own volition?
    I am surprised at number of stories where people narrowly escape potentially bad situation. Obviously this number has to be on the the lower side of spectrum of total incidents. I am scared at the prospect of number of incidents where people don't escape to tell the tale.

  6. Hey Ria, he totes didn't say he was going to kill her or anything like that during the call so it was for sure safe!

    Can't tell you guys how many times this has happened to me while working my street corner trying to earn some money for my momdad, Blue Blue. Viscous gangs of old ladies trying to grab me for their nefarious purposes....Scary!

  7. @Ria - the sheer number of dates that were clearly rape/murder attempts where OP gets away is starting to be perversely uplifting for me, I mean, odds are looking good that you can dodge your perp after all!

    Jarrrrrrrrrrrrred, is it getting all rapey in here just for All Hallow's Eve or did you just get a rash of creepytown dates?

  8. Green Green, I told you already you are earning the money for yourself, I have left the building to be on my own. And I am not your momdad, so stop calling me that. I already burned all your paperwork green green, so you are no longer a part of me.

  9. Team wolfdreams for sure and am I the only one here that's starting to think Green Green and Blue Blue are the same person?

  10. Maybe John wanted to meet up with some friends but they were all having a bad face day.

    And I got to hand it to OP for meeting John for lunch later. So many of these stories end with a big WTF moment and the OP running off and blocking contact. This OP went back in for answers - Bravo!

  11. Eww tryn2fly i guess you aren't a very good griffin if you can't figure out that we are not. i guess you aren't a griffin than.

  12. @green green vicious those old ladies sure are after your handsome ass! Shame on blueblue for not helping her own child.

  13. @Fizziks that was seriously creepy and disgusting dude! Did I mention creepy?

  14. Every time I'm tempted to dip back into the dating pool, I come here. The sheer volume of evil and stupidity is enough to cure me of any desire!

  15. I too believe that Green Blue and Blue Green are the same person, Tryn2Fly. How you doin'? This story makes me grateful. And hopefully, OP learned something from the comments.

  16. You just gotta swim in the right pool, Ellendra!

  17. Ria I never had a child in the first place I don't what you are talking about.

  18. Well come on, Ellendra, your standards are unreasonably high. You want somebody to not be stupid, and ALSO not evil? Why don't you just add "Must be a royal Prince of England" to your list of requirements?!?

  19. Jared, you should definitely put a trigger warning at the top of this.


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