Drive Thrown

Story Sent in by Liz:

I had known Jake for a week (online) before he asked me out to dinner. I thought it was a little soon, but then I thought, "Why not?"

I stood in front of a restaurant to meet him and right on time, he arrived. Instead of parking, though, he pulled up, rolled down his window and asked, "Liz?"


"Do you put out on a first date?"


"Okay, thanks!"

And he drove away, just like that. Why he couldn't ask me that online and save us both a wasted evening, I'm not at all sure.


  1. That was awesome, J! So cool!

  2. And OP what a frickin' weirdo.

  3. This is a simple one. OP is "marginally cute." Meaning, if a roll in the hay was a *sure thing*, then the guy wouldn't mind too much going through the motions of a date, paying for dinner, etc.

    Now, if he did all that, and she STILL didn't put out, and she wasn't even cute to begin with... well... that's just not right...

    No nights were wasted, as OP avoided having to spend time this chucklehead, and he enjoyed an evening at home eating Hot Pockets and watching Skinemax.

  4. Clearly Jake was Steve.

  5. Not quite, but I did tell a woman once (in so many words) after our first meet that she wasn't worth the effort of wooing, unless she put out right away. She was NOT amused...

    WTF, she asked, and I gave her an honest answer! I don't get women...

  6. By the way, our "first meet" was at a Barnes and Nobles coffee shop, because as y'all know, that's how Steve rolls! Dinner with strangers is for suckas!

  7. ^ But doing it on a bed covered in trash while your twin watches....sublime!

  8. Airport wine bars also make for great first dates. That way, after the woman is drunk, you can talk her into flying to god-knows-where with you. Since she will then be isolated and perhaps completely dependent on you, sexytime can begin!

  9. I believe Steve has been caught on video explaining this at length

  10. ^Well, I actually AM from Philly...

  11. Yeah, it's definitely Steve.

  12. Steve did that to me on our first date, except my answer was a little different. Yeah Baby!

  13. This is a simple one. OP is "marginally cute." Meaning, if a roll in the hay was a *sure thing*, then the guy wouldn't mind too much going through the motions of a date, paying for dinner, etc.

    Agreed. Courtship can be pretty hard for a guy - at least, if you do it right. You have to pay for stuff, take time out of your schedule to romance her, be thoughtful of her feelings, think of fun things to do... there's a lot of work that goes into it. Some women are worth it, others aren't. If somebody isn't worth the investment, there's no sense in wasting everybody's time, right? I kind of respect Jake's honesty here.

    Of course, it was still a pretty douchy move for Jake to do this on the actual night of the date, instead of telling you beforehand. If he were fair and considerate, he would have asked you this and let you know how he felt beforehand, so you wouldn't have wasted your time getting ready to go out with him. So he wasn't really worth YOUR time either, and in the final outcome you dodged a bullet. I'm just sorry you had to waste an evening doing so. :-(


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