Come On Baby, Light Someone Else's Fire

Story Sent in by Terri:

Paul and I met online then met up for a date at a loud local pub. Shortly after meeting, he pulled out an antique-looking lighter, lit it up, and asked me if I smoked. I didn't, and that seemed to put him off.

His attention immediately flopped to another woman, sitting nearby. He flipped his lighter on and off and on and off, as if the ability to operate a lighter was somehow the hottest thing he could do. I became less interested in him and more interested in the football game that was playing in HD.

I must've been really into the game, as by the time I turned back to where he had been sitting, he wasn't there anymore. Neither was the woman to whom he had been speaking.

That might have been surprising, if not for the fact that he had left his lighter behind. I gave it to the bartender and left soon after.

Because I'm nice, I wrote him a quick email to let him know that he had left his lighter at the bar and that the bartender was hopefully keeping it safe for him.

He wrote back, "Yo, did you find my lighter at the bar?" As my first email to him had already answered that question, I felt no need to answer his follow-up.


  1. The only thing hotter than someone constantly repeating a motion over and over like a toddler that's just discovered something new is when that same person displays the reading comprehension of a goldfish.

    Just thinking about it......crushing vaginal orgasm.

  2. This story did not 'Flick my Bic'...I'd rather gouge out my eye than read that again...time for some interesting comments to save today's story.....!

  3. I think it's just you and me today, Howie....the others must have displeased His Chunkiness, may He Rein eternal.

  4. Well, I'm not a magician, but geez, OP, you were way too nice. Like me. I'm too nice tanette13. Yeah, my real name starts with a "T" I think Fizziks once got into my weight-loss blog and has probably discovered my real name by now. She made a very nice comment though. Hey, what happened to our resident hermaphrodite? Primary Color-Primary Color; Secondary Color-Secondary Color? His Chunkiness shall reign forever and ever. Amen. Oh geez. I was raised Lutheran so I feel like I'm gonna get struck by lightening for that one. Vaginal orgasm is good. And I am a rambling woman....Anyone know any good jokes?

  5. Oh wait. I've got one. A duck walks into a bar wearing only one shoe. The bartender asks the duck if he lost a shoe and the duck replies "No, I found one."


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