Try Hard with a Vengeance

Story Sent in by Franz:

I went out on two dates with Erika. We made plans for a third date but she called me last minute to cancel. She did the same thing the next week and again the week after.

I was ready to forget her for good when she called me one day about an hour before my workday ended. She asked where I was and if she could meet up with me. It wasn't a busy day, so I told her I'd meet her in my building's lobby lounge.

When she arrived, she asked me why I hadn't made the time to see her over the past couple of weeks. I reminded her that I had in fact made the time, but that she had been the one to cancel all three times I had tried.

She said, "You obviously don't want to hang out, otherwise you'd try harder."

I asked her if she was busy that evening. She had plans. I asked her, "Then when are you free next?"

She replied, "Don't ask me. You figure it out."

"I thought that's what I was doing. You know, by asking you."

"You have to try harder."

I told her I had to return to work, although I had (not really) enjoyed her visit. She said, "That's it? That's all the effort you're going to put into it?"

It was, and I let her sulk there as I returned upstairs to close out the day. When I returned downstairs not long after work ended, she wasn't there.

The next day, she called me and hung up each time I answered, about half a dozen times. I picked up when she called again that evening and she said, "Finally. I've been trying to reach you all day."

"You've hung up each time I've answered."

"Because you're not trying hard enough. Do you want to go out with me again or not?"

"Nope," I said, and hung up on her, tired of her game.

She called back immediately. I let it go unanswered. Her voicemail, which I later listened to, said, "Why not?" before hanging up a final time.


  1. Not so much a dodged bullet as a dodged artillery barrage.

  2. This story sounds just like the courtship of me and my now fiancé Art Vandelay. I was in law school at the time (obtaining my law degree) and had no time to deal with silly men who couldn't figure out when I was available for a date without asking me or making stupid plans. Art camped out on my doorstep on the off chance I would come out and want to hang out.

    Since we're now in a Perfect Relationship, that's obviously the route the OP should have gone if he too wanted to date a crazy bitch who makes stupid demands on men because she thinks her twat is super special and irreplaceable. You're a lazy bastard, OP.

  3. She didn't want a boyfriend so much as she wanted a stalker.
    "You should KNOW when I have time because you should be outside peeping in my WINDOWS!"

  4. Blue Blue, have you ever treated men this way? Since, you know, you're a female. With a vadge. And indecisiveness. Lacking logic. Subpar driving skills.
    Ringing any bells, you womanly woman?


  5. I think that she was cancelling plans and making you try hard because she liked it.

  6. I want to take Blue Blue out for a romantic candle-lit dinner, and then a walk on the beach. Because, as you know...I'm male, and she's female...

    Blue Blue would come dressed gender-appropriately in a cute sundress, since she's female, and make a feigned attempt to reach for her purse when the check comes, but the whole time knowing that I will pay for it. Since, as you know, I'm male, and she's female.

  7. @ Steve - Maybe ya'll join me on a double date with my perfect partner, a dozen bacon-topped caramel doughnuts. You will have a handlebar mustache and fight crime while participating in a daring mission into space. Blue will ask when you will commit, chart her ovulation cycle, and make less money than you and disproportionately bear the burden of sex and reproduction while working full time and being expected to do most of the housework. I will sit in my undies and mop my boob sweat off with gym socks and I suck the caramel topping off my most perfect partner ever.

  8. @ Fizziks - I'm not going to be right for the rest of the day after seeing that. But for some sick reason, I'm kinda hungry now.

  9. Steve I'm sorry to say but you are wrong I don't treat anyone that way. I don't cancel on my date unless my family or friends are going through an emergency. As for our date steve, I don't allow the person to pay for me, I always cover my half of the bill or pay for whatever I have chosen to eat. And I still won't disclose my gender, you can think whatever you like about my gender, you can agree with devil, jmg,and architect, about me being a spider monkey, amobea, chat bot, A.I. Don't call me a womanly woman.

  10. Op, hahaha look at that when you shown you weren't interested anymore it piqued her attention.

  11. Just when I think I have you figured out Blue Blue, you go and spell "piqued" correctly. Sheesh.

  12. That is the only spelling of piqued. How else would you spell piqued?

  13. I've seen it misspelled as "peaked" quite a bit, even by people who should know better.


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