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Story Sent in by Mark:

One Halloween, Jenna and I went to a costume party together. We had been on three dates prior. I went as a pillow fight. She went as a scantily-clad chess queen. She even put on a fake queen-of-England accent to complete the outfit. It made me smile.

It was a fun party with lots of our mutual friends. Lots of our mutual guy friends. Lots of our mutual single guy friends. She probably flirted with every one of them at least a half-dozen times each as the night wore on. Then I lost track of her for a little while, and then I heard whispers that one of the guys had disappeared upstairs with the chess girl.

I looked around for Jenna in the main downstairs part of the party. Not finding her, I went upstairs and found her rolling around in a bedroom with a guy who wasn't me.

I cleared my throat and they both turned to the door. "Close the door!" she shouted.

Perhaps she couldn't see me clearly, so I said, "Coming back downstairs soon?" thinking that she'd recognize my voice and... I don't know. Stop messing around with the other guy. Although at that point, I cared less and less what she did.

She said, "Not 'til I'm done up here. Close the door."

I did. I went back downstairs, had as good a time as I supposed I could have had, and then left without her.

She called me up late that night in tears, blaming me for not understanding that she was just "keeping in character" by disappearing upstairs with that guy. I hadn't been aware that chess pieces were known to behave that way, but I had had enough of her in any case.


  1. How does one even dress up like a pillow fight? Glue a couple of pillows and feathers to your body? I imagine Jenna banged the other dude because the OP was busy repeatedly explaining his costume to everyone and she got bored. Bored sluts must be entertained constantly or you risk them doing this kind of shit.

    This is why I always dress up as a frigid, annoying and shrill lady lawyer and my perfect boyfriend Art always goes as an architect who loves to get Cleveland Steamers from transsexual hookers. Art loves me the way I am so I never have to pretend to be anything but me. Perfect Relationship! Yay!

  2. Tis true, Tryn2Fly and Devil, that if OP had gone as one of your fantastic costume suggestions, then, even if his chess girl had turned out to be a lil' on the slutty beeochy side, he could have found himself his own lass to go home with. Perhaps a pirate girl, firewoman, copwoman, zorroette, doctor, batwoman, architect, lawyer.

    Ooorrr, he could have been clever and either said something with more backbone, such as what the hell, beeoch, or he could have sat on the edge of the bed and creepily stared at her and mentioned what a nice rack she had while she was trying to get it on with the other guy. That would have been interesting at least. Though my vote is for him to have found someone else at the party.

  3. op, good for you who knows how many of your mutual friends she had slept with?

  4. At least OP had some original idea instead of being another Batman or Heath Ledger Joker. Good for him leaving I suppose, who needs to endure drama when there's no point.

  5. It doesnt sound like this relationship was exactly on fire. The girl sounds like the the type who goes from guy to guy and doesnt care until shes left out in the cold. And OP sounds like a bit of a wuss. That being said, he is better off without her.

  6. He didn't go as a Pillow Fighter. That was a type-o. He went as a Pillow Biter.

    What the OP failed to report in this story is that she went upstairs with his twin brother and they were rolling around on a bed of trash. Naturally he had to go upstairs and watch. Twice.


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