Train Wreck

Story Sent in by Nathan:

Marie had a profile on my dating site and we had a lively correspondence. We set up a date and she promised to bring me "something special."

On the date we had a nice time but she didn't mention anything about a "something special." I didn't bring it up and as we parted ways, she presented me with her cheek, pointed to it, and said, "You may kiss my cheek."

That was a little strange. We were both in our mid-twenties, and the gesture made me feel like we were in middle school. I kissed her cheek all the same, and so the date ended.

She called me in a panic after midnight. "Oh God! I completely forgot to give you my special surprise! Where are you now?"

"At home in bed."

"Can you come out? Really quick. It'll be worth it."

Doing what most guys would've done when a girl promises him something special after midnight, I roused myself from bed. We met up on a bridge over some train tracks. She told me to lean over the concrete railing and watch the tracks. Nothing came or went. I asked her what I was watching for. She said that a train would be along any second.

A half-hour later, I was seriously nodding off and no train had arrived. She said, "Maybe they stop running trains this late."

About five minutes later though, something came down the tracks. It wasn't a train, but it was a big yellow maintenance vehicle.

"A train!" she shouted and whooped. "A train, a train, a train, a train, a train, a train! Yeaaaaahh!" she screamed.

After it passed she said, "Wasn't that great?"

Yep. Sure was. Time to return home. But first, she presented me her cheek again and told me that I could kiss it. Just so the night would end, I did. I wished her a good night.

...and goodbye.


  1. What has happened to society?

  2. I love this story. I know you change the names JMG but we all know the yellow maintenance vehicle represents Devils wedding, Marie "wasn't that great?" is clearly Devil, and Nathan "seriously nodding off" is the rest of us.

  3. How very dare you, TryN2Fly! My wedding is going to be the event of the century and you're clearly jealous of my Perfect Relationship and soon-to-be Perfect Marriage. Consider yourself disinvitied to the Wedding of the Century!!

    Also, everyone knows lady lawyers such as myself do not take trains or even go near train tracks. They are strictly blue collar and I am a professional with a degree.

  4. I think Freud would have a field day with this date.

  5. You found yourself a REAL LIVE manic pixie dream girl and you let her go?! DON'T YOU WANT YOUR LIFE TO BE LIKE GARDEN STATE?!


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