Did Sam Adams Ever Try This?

Story Sent in by Alison:

My neighborhood is full of pubs, and Jeff took me out to a large, loud one for our first date. We sat at the bar, crammed amidst other patrons. He ordered us bottles of a local brew called "Officer Jeff."

I don't even like beer, but Jeff informed me, "My friend brews this beer. He named it after me."

I guess that was... neat. We toasted beers and he drank his down as I sipped at mine. It tasted like every other beer I'd ever had, and before I was even a quarter of the way through, he ordered us two more.

"How does it feel to be drinking a beer named after me?" He asked, then drank down more before I could answer. He then said, "And the best part is it's free for me. My friend said I could drink as much as I wanted anywhere, no charge!" He laughed and slapped me on the back, making me more uneasy.

When the time came to pay, Jeff told the bartender, "It's okay. I know Ricky. There's no charge for me."

"Who?" asked the bartender.

"The brewer. He named the beer after me," and Jeff showed the bartender his ID.

The bartender shook his head. "Sorry. You've still gotta pay."

The bartender turned his attention elsewhere and Jeff told me to "Wait right here." He left the bar and never came back. The bartender was nice enough to only charge me a "jerk discount" of half. Didn't see Jeff again beyond that night, so I guess it all ended fine.


  1. op, you got lucky that the bartender only charged you half, or you know what you could have done? was Write down jeff number and gave it to the bartender who could give it to the manager track down jeff and make him pay for all those beers.

  2. Never get stiffed on a date. Explain your situation and give the bar manager his contact info and let them know you have no problem with him being arrested for a drink and dash.

  3. So why didn't OP put Jeff's phone number in the men's room? Bet the bartender would have done that for her.

  4. Why didn't the bartender take a credit card and start a tab if the jerk date was ordering more than one beer?

  5. I think she should have given the bartender Jeff's phone number so he could have put it up on the restroom wall. "For a good time call...." Then the bartender should have called him up and said "this call is coming from inside your house!" And then he should have jumped out of the guy's closet and just as he was about to stab him, present him with the bill! Then his date could have been there and called him a loser and she and the bartender could have gone off and been married and had 2.5 kids who could crank call Jeff all the time at 2:00 AM. That's why she should have given the bartender his phone number.

  6. Maybe I'm cynical and suspicious of everyone but if my date told me they'd "be right back" after being asked to pay I'd know they weren't coming back. I agree with everyone for not paying for anything (except maybe one since OP did drink a little)


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